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Can I set more than 1 SIM card per account?

You can set all SIMs you want per account.

You just need to login to SimCash.io with the same credentials (email and password) on different devices.

You can send SMS even with 2 SIMs on the same device, but remember that this option is available only for devices with Android 6.0 or above versions.

However, you can check your SIMs situation (SIMs status, SMSs sent, prices and destinations) by clicking Recap SIMs or the menu in the right corner and Show Remote SIMs.

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I have 2 SIM cards but SimCash.io shows only one. Why?

SimCash.io can detect the second SIM slot only on devices with Android 6.0 or above versions.

However, you can set more SIMs on different devices keeping the same account.

Indeed, you can download SimCash on multiple devices and login with the same credentials (email and password) and manage your SIMs by clicking Recap SIMs or Show Remote SIMs.

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Why is my SIM paused?

After 3 attempts of sending SMS and 3 red squares your SIM will be paused, because maybe you have finished SMS included in your mobile offer, you donโ€™t have enough credit on your SIM or you can not send SMS to all mobile operators in your country.

Please, check your mobile offers / SMS bundles.

This might be due to 3 factors:

  1. Your operator filters some kind of SMS content (like the word “code” or similar)
  2. Your SIM has been limited or blocked by your operator, so you can not send SMS
    anymore (this ratherly happens)
  3. Your SIM can not send SMS to all mobile operators in your country

Try to send a manual SMS to a contact of yours and see if the SMS is delivered or not.

Anyway, you can change the SIM card status:

  1. Click Edit
  2. Change SIM status from Paused to Active
  3. Click Update SIM

Note: If your SIM card often turns to โ€œPausedโ€, your SMS bundle may be not suitable for SimCash.io

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I received an email with subject โ€œNot delivering toโ€ฆโ€.
What should I do to unsuspend my SIM card?

If you received an email with the subject โ€œNot delivering toโ€ฆโ€ [and country(ies)], means that our tests from your SIM card to that country were not successful.

This may be due to:

  1. Your Internet connection was down but the SIM card was active
  2. Your mobile operator can not cover this country
  3. Your SIM card is blocked by your mobile operator

First check if your SMS bundle is not expired and try to send a manual SMS to a contact of yours (or using other SMS test services) and check if it is received on the other part.

If you still can not deliver SMS, your SIM may be blocked by your mobile operator or your SMS bundle does not include SMS to that country.

Please, check with your provider if you are occurring one of these options.

Once checked, you can reply to support@simcash.io or via Telegram.

Do not worry if you do not receive any answers: SimCash.io will test your paused SIM cards daily, so they may start sending SMS again automatically.

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I often got my SIM suspended. What should I do?

Due to the importance of delivering OTP SMS, SimCash.io test your SIM card(s) daily.

Remember that using low-cost devices (especially dual-SIM ones) may affect the SMS sending speed; indeed if your device speed is low, SMS may be undelivered or delivered too late.

If the delivering rate of your SIM card(s) is low, it will probably be suspended.

If you often face out this issue, follow these steps to improve your SMS delivering rate:

  • Select fewer countries, indeed a small selection of countries can increase this rate
  • Place your devices close to Wi-Fi or where they can get the best internet connection
  • Locate your devices where the mobile phone signal is strong
  • Switch off SIM cards which are not working correctly
  • Close other background apps which may affect the speed of your device

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