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About make you earn by selling your unused SMS by doing nothing!

We use your SIM card to send OTP SMS (OneTimePassword or verification codes from big companies like Google, Telegram, Facebook and so on) to other SIM cards in your country.

You can set limits according to your SMS offer / plan (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) and selling price (from 0.001€ to 0.01 €).

Then, using the referral code, you can earn 10% of the earnings of each person who signed up with your code so you can earn faster.

The more users, the more traffic and more SMS in your country, the more you earn.

Remember that the app requires an active Internet connection.

In order to avoid unwanted call back (sometimes people complain about SMS received) or blocking SIMs (even if we only send OTP and NOT SPAM or ADVERTISING SMS), it would be better to have a SIM card only for use

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How can I register to

1. Go in your device settings and select “Download from unkown sources

2. Go to and click “Download Free Android APK” (remember that SimCash can be installed only on Android 5.1 and above versions)

3. Once you have downloaded and installed it, open and select it as your default messaging app (by giving all permissions asked [*])

4. Click “Register” and create a new account by filling-in the form with your personal data (then click “Register”)

5. Check your email inbox and confirm your account through the link you will receive from “

6. Go back to and click “Login

7. Write your email address and your password

8. Now you are ready to earn through!

[*] Geolocalization is not mandatory

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How can I configure my SIM card?

1. Click on the SIM you want to configurate

2. You can change the name of your SIM

3. Click on “Edit Destination” and you can choose the country you want the system sends SMS to [*]

4. Then, when you set one country, a window will appear: here you can change your earnings per each SMS (then click “Confirm” when done); remember that an high price leads you to have less possibility to send SMS, so we suggest to keep the price in the green area

5. After you set your country (or countries) and your earnings per SMS, click “Continue”

6. Then click “Edit Limits” to set how many SMS you want to send hourly, daily, weekly and monthly (you can set also when the day, hour, week or month has to end in the “Counter Reset” option, according to your mobile plan [**])

7. When you have set the limits, click on “Update Limits”

8. Last, click on “Update SIM”

[*] New features (version 0.470 and later): now you can set more than one destination per SIM, if your mobile plan includes SMS to other countries (please, check your mobile offer because SMSs to other countries might cost very much)

[**] The date/hour format is UTC time, so if it is 0:00 am [day time] in your country, but UTC shows 2:00 am, you should set 2:00 am [UTC] as your daily counter reset

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What is the minimum Android version required?

The minimum Android version to run is Android 5.1

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Is available on Google Play Store?

Unfortunately, is only an APK file.

This is a company decision, but don’t worry about fraudulent uses of your SIM card.

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Is available on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, is available only for Android users.

There is no version available for Apple devices.

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Make profits with your unused SMS!

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