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How can I update SMS limits?

1. Click “Edit” on the SIM card you want to modify

2. A menu opens

3. Click “Edit Limits

4. You can set the limits you want (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) in order to your mobile offer or “No Limits” by clicking the icon on the right

5. Click “Update Limits

6. Click “Update SIM

Do NOT WRITE “0” because our system will not be able to read it correctly and SMS will not be sent from your SIM card.

Remember to keep a conscientious limit to avoid to look like a spam, a bot or something similar.

Kindly check the Terms of Service of your operator in order to set a concientious SMS limit (hourly/daily) and to avoid any issues related to your SIM and mobile plan.

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How can I update my earnings per SMS?

1. Click “Edit” on the SIM card you want to modify

2. A menu opens

3. Then, click “SMS Destination

4. Click “Add Country” and select the country(ies)[*] you want to send SMS to

5. Select the price you want to be paid per each SMS sent and click “Confirm

6. Click “Update SIM

[*] Select only the country(ies) your SMS bundle includes to avoid being charged from your operator

Higher prices will affect the amount of SMS sent from your SIM card.
For this reason we always suggest to keep the price in the green area to send more SMS.

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I have lost my password. How can I recover it?

If you forgot your password, you can follow these steps to recover it:

1. Click “Login” in the first window of the app

2. Type your email address

3. Type a wrong password or anything

4. will show you a window with 2 option (“Cancel” or “Forgot Password“)

5. Select “Forgot Password

6. Type again your email address and click “Send Password

7. You will receive an email with your password

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I have only red squares. What should I do?

The red squares indicate that our system was unable to send SMS from your SIM card.

After 3 attempts of sending a SMS, your SIM will be automatically paused from our system.

This might be due to 3 factors:

  • Your operator filters some kind of SMS content (e.g. the word “code” or something similar): this is a correction we can make on our side, but we have to test it before we can change the content;
  • Your SIM has been limited or blocked by your operator, so you can not send SMS anymore (this ratherly happens, so it is probably due to the first option);
  • Your SIM can not send SMS to all mobile operators in your country.

Try to send a manual SMS to a contact of yours and see if the SMS is delivered or not.

Please, check your mobile offer/SMS bundle because sometimes operators give you many (or unlimited) SMS on-net (to the numbers registered under your same operator) but not off-net (to other mobile carriers).

Kindly check the Terms of Service of your operator in order to set a concientious SMS limit (hourly/daily) and to avoid any issues related to your SIM and mobile plan.

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Will my number be visible?

Unfortunately, we can not hide the sender’s phone number.

This is not a lack of our system, it is a feature of SMS protocol worldwide (which requires a visible sender’s phone number) .

Remember that we only send OTP (“One-TimePassword”) or A2P (“Application-To-Person”) SMS, e.g. Airbnb which uses an OTP similar system), not SPAM or ADVERTISING SMS, so people asked for those codes.

However, we can suggest you to not reply to calls from unknown numbers or set a SIM only for SimCash use (and not your personal one).

Sometimes a person complains because he has not received the code from “Whatsapp”, “Facebook” or other companies/applications, but from a number which he does not know, so he might think the SMS is sent from (or to) the wrong person and he might call back.

Note: liability is on the SMS content, not on the usage of your SIM card and SMS bundle

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How can I understand if the App is running in background?

If you want to go back from, a window will be opened and you can find these 3 options:

  • Logout
  • Keep working in background
  • Cancel

If you click “Keep working in background“, will be closed and an icon appears in the notification panel of your device.

If no icon appears or it disappears after some minutes, please check the following topic.

Remember that if you close from the RAM memory (e.g. swipping up to close all applications opened), our application can not send SMS because it must be opened and with an active Internet connection.

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I selected “Keep working in background” but the icon does not appear

This could depend by your device model and your Android version.

Anyway, you should check in your device settings options as “battery saving”, “automatic App start” or “background App options”.

For almost all Android devices
Generally you do not have to do anything.
If you face out some problems with background option, follow these steps:
Settings -> Device Optimization-> Automatic Optimization -> Disable “Close apps to free up memory”

For Huawei, Honor and some Xiaomi devices
These devices have internal processes to free up memory automatically.
To stop this optimization, follow these steps:
Settings -> Battery -> Automatic App Launch -> -> Click on the blue button on the right -> Click “Okay”
[then, the button should change to grey]

Low-cost devices
If you are willing to buy a low-cost device online, take a look before buying it and check its Android version carefully, because some of them are Android 5.1, even if “Android 9” is written in product description.

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