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Make profits with your unused SMS!

One account, many phones

You can install the app on many devices simultaneously, all the sims will be linked to your account

Passive income

Joining Simcash is free and require no investment. Just relax and see your money grow without working at all.

Do you want to earn more?

Check out this guide to earn faster!

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Check out FAQ and start earning real money!

App Settings

How can I update SMS limits?

How can I recover my password?

Background option and optimization

Will my number be visible?

SIM Settings

Can I set more than 1 SIM card per account?

Why is my SIM paused?

I received an email with subject “Not delivering to…”.

I often got my SIM suspended


What kind of SMS are sent?

Will my number be visible?

How can I send a SMS through


Withdrawals Methods

Minimum Payouts

I am not familiar with cryptocurrencies

Referral Program

How does the Referral System work?

How many people can I invite?

Where can I find my code?

How to Earn Faster with

Check out these tips to have the best experience on


Go to and download the APK file.
Remember to enable “Download from unknown sources” in the Settings

Create an Account

Fill out the Registration Form with your real information (you will need to confirm them once asking for a payout) and confirm the activation

Switch the SMS App

To ensure the correct functioning, switch the SMS App of your device from the default one to

Set-up your SIM

You have the full control over your SIM: set your SMS Limits (Hour, Day, Week and Month) and set a Delay between each SMS

Choose your price

Select SMS Destinations, choose your Country and your Earnings per SMS. Do you want to Send Abroad? Check out this article

Activate your SIM

Once you set your limits and your prices, switch the SIM to the Active Status. Not ready yet? Keep the SIM as Not Active

SMS Sent!

Each time a SMS is sent, a toast notification will be displayed, and your balance will grow according to the price you set before

Earn from friends

Share our app with your friends and earn up to 10% (plus a 5%) of commissions every time their SIMs sent a message

Get paid!

BTC, DOGE, XRP, USDT? We will send your earnings to your crypto addresses! Not familiar with it? Check out this article

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